Wholesale supply of plant protection products and seeds from Europe and China.

About us

Russian population has already exceeded 140 mln and continues to grow. Nowadays guaranteed food supply in Russia more than ever depends on crop yield and higher product quality. We are well aware of the responsibility we undertake together with our partners in agriculture.

OOO Soyusagrochim is a company dealing with production and sales of a wide range of plant protection products for different crop varieties. It is difficult to achieve high results alone, and we sought to create a strong team. Our key partner is OOO Agruskhim, a leading Russian company specializing in development, trials and registration of chemical plant protection products. We efficiently cooperate with recognized foreign manufacturers from Europe and China and a number of regional distributors, with which we have mended excellent relations.

We have an excellent pesticide portfolio consisting of more than 50 items, and a professional team, which is aimed only at achieving high results. We support our clients in choosing optimal methods and means of integrated protection of specific agricultural crops according to given yield quantity and quality parameters.

We invest both in traditional products and in state-of-the-art developments, which have no analogues on domestic market. We hold the line of long-term growth and development, elaborating innovations for specific agricultural crops and regions. Cooperation with many leading research institutes and partnership companies enriches our own scientific and research activity. Due to this collaboration, the company quickly transforms new ideas into successful products.

Our goal is to be the Russian leader in providing innovative solutions for production of chemical plant protection products.



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